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Regional Custard Apple Exhibition, Faial, Santana

February, 24th and 25th

The Faial Community Centre and the Farmers Association promote the annual Regional Custard Apple Exhibition (Exposição Regional da Anona), in partnership with the Regional Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources and the Municipal  Council of Santana.

Being held in the parish of Faial, the event aims to the support the production of this fruits and its derivatives, such like liqueurs, puddings, ice cream and milkshakes, in an environment with a lot of entertainment, music and contests.


Carnival festivities Funchal

February 7th to 18th

During one week the spirit of revelry and the carnival rhythms return to Funchal’s city centre to the sound of marches and philharmonic bands, in a festival that that, every year, guarantees lots of joy and entertainment , The contagious festival atmosphere awakens the carnival spirit among residents and visitors.

These festivities integrate a set of official and popular activities, which are genuinely associated with the island’s traditions, an event inspired under the theme “Madeira – 6 centuries of joy”.

Madeira Carnival festivities is one of Madeira Islands main tourist, which is highlighted on the evening of Saturday, February, 10th, with a magnificent parade of floats an event that involving hundreds of participants in a unique and colourful parade which brings colours and joy to the city centre with music and joy.

On the following Tuesday, February, 13th, the Slapstick Parade takes place. This is a tradicional popular parade, open to all, where humour and social satire are the main ingredients.

All this carnival merriment finds its way into the Praça da Autonomia, an event that culminates with a ceremony in which prizes are given to the most creative participants.

Follow up all to this festive occasion merriment at: www.visitmadeira.ptcarnaval

“Compadres” festivities Santana

Compadresfestivities1February, 1st, 3rd 4th to 8th

The “Compadres” festivities set the beginning of Carnival season in Madeira, a tradition which goes back 50 years ago, and which is still celebrated with great enthusiasm in the municipality of Santana.

This event is well know for its originality and is characterised by a lively parade with gigantic dolls that drives though the main streets of this cosy village located on the northern part of the island.

For more detailed information:



Fim de Semana Gastronómico
na Quinta Casa Velha do Palheiro
27 e 28 de Outubro 2017

Alta Gastronomia volta a estar em destaque na Casa Velha do Palheiro nos dias 27 e 28 de outubro. Este ano o “Fim de Semana Gastronómico” reúne sabores únicos e paladares inconfundíveis, orquestrados por Miguel Rocha Vieira – Chefe Executivo da Fortaleza do Guincho, em Cascais.
O Chef Miguel Vieira começou por trabalhar em Londres, depois França e mais tarde Espanha, aprendendo sempre com os “melhores” durante o seu percurso. Em 2008 é convidado para abrir o Restaurante Costes em Budapeste, que rapidamente se tornou numa referência não só na Hungria mas também a nível internacional. Em menos de 2 anos da sua abertura, o Restaurante Costes foi galardoado com uma estrela Michelin e outros prémios importantes no meio. Regressou a Portugal em Julho de 2015, a convite da Fortaleza do Guincho, para Chef Executivo, onde se encontra atualmente.
Em conjunto, neste “Fim de Semana Gastronómico”, estará o Chef da Casa Velha do Palheiro, Rogério Calhau e sua equipa. Vinhos provenientes de Portugal Continental e da Madeira especialmente escolhidos dos cofres de vinho da Blandy’s Wine Lodge irão complementar o menu.


Asa de galinha orgânica, puré de pastinaca
Peixe do Atlântico com fruta sazonal
Foie gras com citrinos e abacaxi
Pargo, cevadinha e funcho
Vitela, abóbora e sálvia
Maracujá e poncha
Parfait de chocolate, beterraba, sorvete de iogurte, terra de chocolate

€100* por pessoa
*Bebidas Incluídas
*Desconto de 10% para os portadores do Cartão de Fidelidade do Palheiro Estate.

Para reservas ou mais informações, por favor contacte:
Tel: +351 291 790 350 ou email:

Chestnut Festival | Curral das Freiras 2017


Chestnut Festival | Curral das Freiras

October, 31st to November, 1st

Organized by Casa do Povo do Curral das Freiras to promote this important agricultural product, the Chestnut Festival

is an opportunity for visitors to taste the gastronomic specialities made with this dry fruit: roasted chestnuts, liqueurs

and delicious cakes.

There is also a culinary competition running in the local restaurants where traditional local food is served.

Come to the Nun’s Valley and taste these special chestnut treats!

Christmas and End of the Year Festivities 2017


The arrival of the decorative lights in the streets of the city centre of Funchal, during the month of December, sets the beginning of the Madeira Christmas and End of the Year Festivities programme, taking place between December 1st, 2017 to January 7th, 2018.

These festivities culminate with the famous fireworks show, officially recognised in 2006 by the Guinness Book of Records, as the largest fireworks show in the world.
These commemorations consist of a rich and extensive programme of cultural, religious, ethnographic and artistic manifestations that take place throughout the entire month of December, an event that culminates on January,8th..
Find out more about what to expect from Christmas and New Year Festivities in Madeira:
December 23rd
Market Night is held on December 23rd, when Madeirans do their last-minute Christmas shopping and it is in this hustle and bustle that the spirit of the “Festivity” can best be felt, the nickname given by the Madeirans to identify Christmas. The inhabitants move towards the Farmers’ Market where the surrounding streets, which are closed to traffic, are occupied by various points of sale opened throughout the night. They have varied local products such as flowers, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, sweets, wine-and-garlic meat sandwiches and typical drinks, such as poncha.
At nightfall the biggest attraction of the day begins, a traditional Christmas carols show, where locals take on the role of true artists. Also the participation of music bands and folklore groups helps to maintain the atmosphere of celebration and fun until dawn.
December 28th
Organised by the Madeira Athletics Association, the Funchal Road Race is one of the oldest sports events of its kind in Portugal and Europe. This race that has attracted innumerable national and international athletes to the island, brings lots of adrenaline and excitement to the Madeiran capital.
December 31st 
The fireworks show lasts for about eight minutes and is distributed by several fireworks stations in the Funchal amphitheatre, the waterfront, the city centre, the sea and one station on Porto Santo Island.
This grand spectacle that is one of Madeira’s most important tourist events, was internationally recognised in 2006 by the Guinness Book of Records as “The largest fireworks show in the World”.
January 5th 
On the evening of January 5th to 6th the Twelfth Night songs are sung in the neighbours’ houses, a little throughout the region. It is this spirit that seeks to recreate the popular tradition of the Madeiran traditional songs that were made on this day, door to door, in various localities of the ARM, which the Association of the Casas do Povo of the Autonomous Region of Madeira organises and produces in the Auditorium of the Municipal Garden of Funchal, the musical show “Cantar os Reis” ( The Twelfh nights songs).
Other initiatives included in the programme:
Childbirth Masses
Christmas begins with the “Missas do Parto” (childbirth masses) starting December 16th and ending on Christmas Eve, with the midnight mass. The “Missas do Parto” – the novenas – are nine in total and are celebrate early in the morning. After the mass, believers gather in the churchyard to hear the chanting, accompanied by groups of strings, accordions and castanets, with no shortage of the “despiques”, which are followed by the snack with spirits, liqueurs and cakes.
In some parishes of Madeira such as Câmara de Lobos and Camacha, the tradition of philharmonic bands is maintained, accompanied by other instruments, such as castanets, bass drums, braguinhas or accordions, of going door to door, in a joyful symphony, to awaken its locals and rush them to this typical ritual of our land.

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Festival de Órgão da Madeira 2017



20 – 29 OUT / OCT ’17 – entrada livre / free admission


Cinema, Literatura, Conferência


Cinema, Literature, Conferência

(scroll down for english version)


20 OUT | Sexta 21H30

Igreja de São João Evangelista


Stephen Tharp, órgão

21 OUT | Sábado 21H30

Sé do Funchal


- Filme de Carl Dreyer (1928) com improvisação ao órgão

Karol Mossakowski, órgão

22 OUT | Domingo 18H00

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição – Machico


Francesco di Lernia, órgão

23 OUT | Segunda 21H30

Igreja de São João Evangelista


- Completando a obra de Bach

William Whitehead, órgão

24 OUT | Terça 21H30

Igreja de São Martinho 


Carlo Torlontano, trompa alpina

Francesco di Lernia, órgão

25 OUT | Quarta 21H30

Igreja de Santa Luzia


William Whitehead, órgão

26 OUT | Quinta 21H30

Igreja de São João Evangelista


Jan Willem Jansen, órgão

Orquestra Clássica da Madeira

Norberto Gomes, direção

27 OUT | Sexta 21H30

Igreja e Recolhimento do Bom Jesus

28 OUT | Sábado 21H30

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Luz – Ponta do Sol


Jan Willem Jansen, órgão 

António Plácido, voz

29 OUT | Domingo 11H00

Sé do Funchal


André Ferreira, órgão

Ensemble São Tomás de Aquino

João Andrade Nunes, direção

29 OUT | Domingo 18H00

Convento de Santa Clara


André Ferreira, órgão

Ensemble São Tomás de Aquino

João Andrade Nunes, direção


20 OCT | Friday 9.30 pm

Church of São João Evangelista – Funchal


Stephen Tharp, organ

21 OCT | Saturday 9.30 pm

Funchal Cathedral


- Film by Carl Dreyer (1928) with organ improvisation

Karol Mossakowski, organ

22 OCT | Sunday 6.00 pm

Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição – Machico


Francesco di Lernia, organ

23 OCT | Monday 9.30 pm

Church of São João Evangelista – Funchal


- Completing Bach’s work

William Whitehead, organ

24 OCT | Tuesday 9.30 pm

Church of São Martinho


Carlo Torlontano, alphorn

Francesco di Lernia, organ

25 OCT | Wednesday 9.30 pm

Church of Santa Luzia – Funchal


William Whitehead, organ

26 OCT | Thursday 9.30 pm

Church of São João Evangelista – Funchal


Jan Willem Jansen, organ

Madeira Classical Orchestra

Norberto Gomes, direction

27 OCT | Friday 9.30 pm

Chuch and Hospice of Bom Jesus – Funchal

28 OUT OCT | Saturday 9.30 pm

Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz – Ponta do Sol


Jan Willem Jansen, organ

António Plácido, voice

29 OCT | Sunday 11.00 am

Funchal Cathedral


André Ferreira, organ

Ensemble São Tomás de Aquino

João Andrade Nunes, direction

29 OCT | Sunday 6.00 pm

Convento of Santa Clara – Funchal


André Ferreira, organ

Ensemble São Tomás de Aquino

João Andrade Nunes, direction

20th Anniversary Golf Tournament – 17th July

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 15.48.55

We would like to inform you that on Sunday, July 17, 2017, we will be holding a special golf tournament in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the inauguration of the Hotel Casa Velha do Palheiro.


Hotel Casa Velha do Palheiro
20th Anniversary Golf Tournament

Format: Stableford net, 18 holes

Tee Times: Start at 9am from hole 10



1st, 2nd, 3rd place Men and

1st, 2nd, 3rd place Ladies

Complementary events:

Longest Drive and Nearest to the pin (Men | Ladies).

More info: 20th Anniversary Golf Tournament – 17th July


Torneio de Aniversário 20 Anos – 17 de Julho

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 15.48.55

Informamos que no Domingo, dia 17 de Julho de 2017, celebramos os 20 anos da Casa Velha do Palheiro com um Torneio dedicado a esta instância hoteleira com 200 anos de história, beleza e elegância.

Hotel Casa Velha do Palheiro

Torneio de Aniversário 20 Anos

Participação: Open

Modalidade de jogo: Stableford net, 18 buracos

Saídas: a partir das 9h do buraco 10



1º, 2º, 3º lugar Homens e

1º, 2º, 3º lugar Senhoras

Eventos complementares:

Drive mais longo e bola mais perto do buraco (Homens | Senhoras).

Mais info: Torneio de Aniversário 20 Anos


O Madeira Film Festival inaugura amanhã quarta-feira dia 19 de Abril pelas 17:15 horas a Videoteca com os 10 filmes do cinema digital interactivo
no Salão Nobre do Teatro Municipal.

A organização do festival convida os membros da imprensa, rádio e media a estarem presentes amanhã quarta-feira dia 19 de Abril, pelas 17:15 horas no Salão Nobre do Teatro Baltazar Dias, para a abertura da secção competitiva do festival, organizada em parceria com o M ITI e a Universidade do Texas, o cinema digital interactivo.


17:00 – Recepção dos participantes com Vinho Madeira, cortesia do Instituto do Vinho, Bordado e Artesanato da Madeira

17:30 – Abertura Oficial: Elsa Gouveia (MFF),  Valentina Nisi (M-ITI) e Deborah Castro (M-ITI) , John Fiege (UT-Austin) que partilhará algumas ideias sobre o estado actual do documentário interactive e a importância de organizer estas mostras.

17:40  – John Fiege apresentará Thibault Durand – Vencedor da competição de cinema digital interactive com o filme Criers of Medellín.

Thibault apresentará o seu filme e projeto.

18:10 – John Fiege apresentará Arnau Gifreu, que falará sobre o seu papel no Criers of Medellín e no projeto  Lata de Sardinas  (10 minutes)

18:20 – John Fiege apresentará  Mara Dionísio, que falará sobre o projeto convidado Fragments of Laura/Há Vita (5 minutes).

18:25 – Deborah Castro explicará como funciona a Videoteca, mencionará os realizadores dos restantes 9 filmes que estarão presents na audiência e fará o convite para que explorem os projetos
Mais informações sobre Thibault Durand e o seu filme:

Arnau Gifreu

É investigador afiliado do Open Documentary Lab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) e membro da organização: i-Docs (University of the West of England). Autor de artigos e de livros sobre a não ficção interactiva e transmedia e o caso do documentário interactivo. Professor da ESCAC (Universitat de Barcelona) e da ERAM (Universitat de Girona). Coordena interDocsBarcelona (Docs Barcelona). Colabora com meios interactivos de (Televisión Española, o projecto Somos Documentales).

Projeto Lata de Sardinas: criado na Universidade onde lecciona.

Mara Dionísio is currently working as a research assistant at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute. She studied Informatics Engineering and during her master thesis about Location Aware Storytelling she discovered a passion in designing experiences that can make the users feel completely immersed. Then she decided to enroll in a Masters of Entertainment Technology a joint program between Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Madeira. Since then her interests in location and themed-based entertainment are becoming stronger, and hopes that in the future she will be able to design and build interactive installations that are engaging and immersive.