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Palheiro Estate is delighted to announce their partnership with Loja do Vinho and the Blandy’s Wine Shop at the airport.
This partnership will allow card holders the following fantastic benefits:
• 20% discount on table wines;
• Discounts on Madeira Wine, between 25% (3 years) and 12.5% (Vintage).
To celebrate this agreement there will be a wine tasting at Palheiro Golf on Saturday 28th January.

The following wines will be available for tasting:

Blandy´s Verdelho 10 YO

QTA DA FALORCA Reserva Tinto 2004 FT



A home delivery service will be included for orders of 1 case or more.
The wine tasting will start at 14.00
Also as part of Loja do Vinho partnership with Palheiro Estate they have agreed to sponsor the monthly medals and monthly stableford competitions at Palheiro Golf.  Please note that these competitions are only available to members of Palheiro Golf Club.
For further information regarding the Palheiro Estate Loyalty card please contact:

Ivo de Sousa
T. +351 291 792 665
F. +351 291 792 797
M.+351 912 599 822
For further information regarding the tasting at Palheiro Golf on Sat 28th January please contact:

Luís Emanuel
T. +351 291 790 350
F. +351 291 794 925
For further information on the Loja do Vinho please contact:

Ana Vieira Soares
PR & Blandy’s Lodges Manager
T. +351 291 740100

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  • O Palheiro Estate tem o prazer de anunciar uma parceria com a Loja do Vinho e o estabelecimento Blandy’s Wine Shop no aeroporto.
    Esta parceria proporcionará aos portadores dos nossos cartões os seguintes descontos, muito vantajosos:
    • 20% desconto em vinhos de mesa;
    • Descontos variados em Vinho Madeira entre 25% (3 anos) e 12.5% (Vintage).
    Para celebrar esta parceria haverá uma prova de vinhos no Palheiro Golfe, no Sábado, 28 de Janeiro de 2011.

    Estarão disponíveis para prova os seguintes vinhos:

    Vinho Madeira:
    Blandy´s Verdelho 10 YO

    Vinho Tinto:
    QTA DA FALORCA Reserva Tinto 2004 FT

    Vinho Branco:
    ANSELMO MENDES Contacto 2010 FT
    A entrega ao domicílio está incluída para encomendas de 1 caixa ou mais.
    A prova de vinhos inicia-se pelas 14 horas.
    Como parte da parceria com o Palheiro Estate, a Loja do Vinho vai patrocinar as competições Monthly Medals e Monthly Stableford no Palheiro Golfe. Note-se que estas competições são exclusivamente para sócios do Clube Palheiro Golfe.

    Para mais informações, referentes ao Cartão de Fidelidade Palheiro Estate, é favor contactar:

    Ivo de Sousa
    T. +351 291 792 665
    F. +351 291 792 797
    M.+351 912 599 822

    Para mais informações, referentes à prova de vinhos no Palheiro Golfe, no Sábado, 28 de Janeiro, é favor contactar:
    Luís Emanuel

    T. +351 291 790 350
    F. +351 291 794 925

    Para mais informações, referentes à Loja do Vinho, é favor contactar:

    Ana Vieira Soares
    PR & Blandy’s Lodges Manager
    T. +351 291 740100

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  • Carnival Festivities – Madeira Island

    Carnival Festivities – Madeira Island

    from February 15th to the 22nd

    The Carnival spirit returns to cheer up Funchal’s downtown between the 15th and the 22nd of February.
    For a week, the season’s rhythms, called upon the sounds of marches and philharmonic bands, will turn Funchal into a stage by Excellency, for an annual festivity that links perfection, joy, party, satire and amusement, involving and arousing locals and visitors’ attention.

    The great Carnival Parade, which brings together close to a thousand participants in a unique colour that lightens up the main streets of Funchal, will be on the road on the 18th, a Saturday Night.

    The holiday programme ends on Shrove Tuesday, on the 21st, with the “Slapstick Parade”, on which hundreds of participants dishallow with their very own dynamic, humour and satire all together. All this carnival merriment finds its way into the Mar Square (Praça do Mar), where, on the pinnacle of the occasion and in a bashing climate, prizes are given to the most creative costumes.

    Karneval auf Madeira
    15. – 22. Februa

    Vom  15. bis 22. Februar ist Funchal in den Händen der Narren.
    Mit viel Musik und bunten Kostümen wird der Karnevalsgeist auf die Straßen und Plätze der Stadt gebracht. Das jährliche Karnevalsfest macht Funchal zu einer Bühne in Perfektion, wo Einheimische und Touristen eine Woche lang die Atmosphäre des bunten Treibens verfolgen können.

    Bei bekannten  Melodien tanzen und singen verschiedene Gruppen und Orchester auf den  Straßen. Satire, Spaß und Freude stehen im Mittelpunkt. Am Samstagabend  18.02.2012, wird der große Karnevalsumzug, mit über 1000 Teilnehmern, vielen bunten, einzigartigen Festwagen, den Hauptstraßen Funchals, einen ganz besonderen Glanz verleihen.

    Festas de Carnaval
    15 a 22 de Fevereiro

    O espírito de Carnaval volta em força para animar a cidade do Funchal, entre os dias 15 e 22 de Fevereiro.
    Durante uma semana, os ritmos próprios da época, evocados ao som das marchas e das bandas filarmónicas, farão, do Funchal, o palco por excelência de uma festa que, anualmente, associa, na perfeição, a alegria, a animação, a sátira e a folia, envolvendo e despertando as atenções de residentes e visitantes.

    O grande Cortejo Alegórico, que reúne cerca de mil foliões num colorido único que abrilhanta as principais artérias do Funchal, sai à rua na noite de sábado, dia 18, desfilando desde a Praça da Autonomia, na Avenida do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses até ao final da Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro, concentrando-se na Praça do Mar.

    O Programa de Festas culmina na terça-feira de Carnaval, dia 21, com o “Cortejo Trapalhão”, no qual centenas de foliões desfilam com uma dinâmica muito própria, humor e sátira à mistura. Toda esta folia carnavalesca encontra o seu auge na Praça do Mar, local onde, em ambiente de festa, se entregam os prémios aos mais criativos.

    Spa Madeira

    Palheiro Spa

    Indulge the Senses at Palheiro Spa

    Palheiro Spa at Madeira Island Hotel Casa Velha do Palheiro is where the journey of relaxation and self-discovery begins.

    Set amidst the tranquil Palheiro Estate and just a short walk from the hotel entrance, Casa Velha’s boutique spa facility adds vitality and wellbeing to the guest experience.

    Blending seamlessly into the environment and surrounded by lush, fertile woodland, Palheiro Spa is at one with Nature.

    Brushing the dry stone façade are banks of leafy fern and agapanthus that burst into a blaze of lilac during the summer months. Polished grey cantaria – basalt stonework framing the doors and windows – further accentuate the spa’s organic appearance. Above, Canary Island pine, candelabra and other exotic trees cluster in abundance.

    A chic, minimalist interior captures the essence of luxury and heightens the spa’s Zen-like quality.

    Four treatment rooms – Palmeira, Agapanthus, Camelia, Cypress – provide candlelit privacy and a chance for guests to indulge in a comprehensive range of authentic massage and beauty therapies for him and her. Afterwards, a relaxation room allows for rest and contemplation.

    Palheiro Spa aims for results-based treatments based on the expert knowledge and the considerable experience of its team of professionally qualified staff. Pevonia Botanica and Caci professional spa and salon products are used throughout.

    Wellness options extend to Finnish sauna and Turkish steam bath, refreshing rain and waterfall shower experiences, and a fabulous heated indoor swimming pool with exhilarating massage jets. On hot, sunny days the larger outdoor pool is a real temptation.

    The spa also has a Fitness Room where guests can continue their usual exercise routine using state-of-the-art equipment while on holiday.

    Teas, infusions and a healthy assortment of snacks can be ordered before or after treatments at the adjoining Conservatory Bar.

    And remember, the Palheiro Spa at Madeira Island Hotel Casa Velha do Palheiro is open year-round to guests and non-residents.

    Palheiro Spa is open daily from 10h00-19h00. The Fitness Room is open daily from 08h00-20h00.

    Rua da Estalagem 23
    9060-415 São Gonçalo – Madeira

    PH: +351 291 790 352

    Golf & Hotel – Madeira island

    Madeira Hotel – Quinta Casa Velha do Palheiro – Luxury Spa & Golf Resort

    Quinta Casa Velha do Palheiro

    Located in the hills above the Madeiran capital Funchal, next to the stunning Palheiro Golf course, lies the luxury country house hotel Casa Velha do Palheiro.

    This wonderful property is situated next to the famous Palheiro Gardens, originally created over 200 years ago by the 1st Count of Carvalhal. There is also direct access to the Golf Course, with privileged tee offs from the halfway house, a short stroll from the gate. If peace, tranquility and re-laxation are requisites of your vacation – then seek no further.

    Within the extensive grounds there is a heated swimming pool with sauna and steam bath: Tennisor croquet, billiards or walking. For gentler relaxation they offer a morning room with library, and a very smart, comfortable lounge bar.

    The Palheiro Gardens – famous not only for the variety of plants that grow there, but for the beauty of their hillside setting, form a rich collection of plants from so many different parts of the world, gathered together over a period of 180 years or so. These private gardens are open to the public weekdays and attract over 40.000 visitors per year.

    Visit Quinta Casa Velha do Palheiro