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Fim-de-Semana Gastronómico

Casa Velha do Palheiro Fim-de-Semana Gastronómico – 21 e 22 de Outubro 2011

“Grand Chef”  Relais & Châteaux – Albano Lourenço no Palheiro Estate, Madeira

A Casa Velha do Palheiro, incluída na colecção de hoteis da Relais &Châteaux, está a organizar um fim-de-semana gastronómico para os dias 21 e 22 de Outubro 2011.

A equipa de Chefs da Casa Velha do Palheiro vai receber o conhecido Chefe Albano Lourenço – Chef executivo no hotelQuinta das Lágrimas em Coimbra e responsável pelo  restaurante “Arcadas da Capela”, situado dentro deste lindo edifício histórico do século XIV.

O Chef Albano foi galardoado com uma estrela Michelin em 2004 e foi também reconhecido como ‘personalidade do ano’ na revista ‘Inter’ que é uma referência para os assuntos de gastronomia em Portugal.

Natural de  Coimbra, o Chef Albano adquiriu a experiência de diferentes regiões e restaurantes de Portugal, incluindo o  ‘São Gabriel’ (com uma estrela Michelin).

Distinguido pela simplicidade dos seus pratos, mas ao mesmo tempo requintados, ficaram conhecidos como “Cozinha do Mercado” devido à utilização de legumes e ervas frescas.

Neste fim-de-semana gastronómico, o Chef Albano em conjunto com a equipa de Chefs da Casa Velha do Palheiro – o Madeirense Chef Francisco Quintal e o Francês Chef Eric Weidmann – vão com as suas vastas experiências de alta cozinha mostrar as delícias gastronómicas que a região tem para oferecer.

Para acompanhar este menu Outunal foram especialmente escolhidos vinhos Portugueses e Madeirenses dos “cofres” da Blandy.

Para mais informações ou reservas por favor contacte:

Cátia Afonso

Casa Velha do Palheiro
T. +351 291 790 350
F. +351 291 794 925

Gastronomic Weekend

26th and 27th October 2012 – The guest chef this year will be Ricardo Costa.

The guest chef this year will be Ricardo Costa who is the Executive chef at the Yeatman Hotel in Oporto.

Ricardo is a young and dynamic chef and in a short time has developed a reputation for being one of the most creative chefs in Portugal. While he was Executive Chef at the Hotel Casa da Calçada in Amarante, the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in 2009 and again in 2010.

Ricardo received the annual Chef of the Year award in 2009 by the Portuguese magazine “Wine” and is considered the leader of a new generation of Portuguese chefs. Ricardo currently holds the position of Executive Chef at The Yeatman, being responsible for their two kitchens, with special emphasis on its Gastronomic Restaurant.

Under his supervision The Yeatman Restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star (November 2011).

The special menu that he is preparing for this event will draw upon local autumnal produce and will also focus on some fantastic wines from the Old Blandy Wine Lodge.

Price will be €75 euros per person including all wines and there will be 15% discount for Fidelity Card holders.

For bookings and further information please contact:

Cátia Afonso
Casa Velha do Palheiro
T. +351 291 790 350
F. +351 291 794 925

Events October 2012 – Madeira Island

30th September to 7th October – II Madeira Nature Festival
For one week Madeira will host the second Madeira Nature Festival, an initiative that promotes the charms of a group of islands where nature rules, in an energy-filled setting that inspires adventure.Along with its visitors the Nature Festival celebrates the highlights of the Madeira Archipelago, providing a fun and interesting programme of activities ranging from trekking to canyoning, and diving to paragliding, in a range of opportunities for all age-ranges. From the ground to the air and sea, the festival really stands out, combining sport, entertainment, folklore and Madeiran culture. Through this event, Madeira Islands celebrate active tourism in a sustainable way.The celebration of the MWG | Madeira World Games – Outdoor Traditions and Games, in the Madeira Islands, is part of this initiative. It is a new project that aims to run games designed to take place at sea, in the mountains and in the air with the aim of promoting leisure, tourist and sports activities, and treasuring, reviving and developing tourist traditions that relate to the environment and cultural heritage.
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8th and 9th October - Festival of Our Lord of Miracles | Machico
The municipality of Machico hosts this event in honour of the Lord of Miracles, one of the most significant religious celebrations in the whole Madeira Archipelago, which takes place in the chapel with the same name, which was rebuilt after being destroyed in the floods of 1803. The statue of Our Lord of Miracles was swept out to sea by the storm, and was found three days later and presented to Funchal Cathedral. Ten years later, in 1813, this statue was returned to the chapel where it came from. For two days, hundreds of pilgrims came from all over the island to Machico to pay tribute to the Lord of Miracles, holding a night-time procession lit only by candles, with a very devout atmosphere.The 9th of October is also the date of Machico’s municipal holiday.
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III Madeira Organ Festival – 19th to the 29th October
The third round of this festival, organized by the Regional Board of Cultural Events (DRAC), is noteworthy for its revival of cultural heritage and promotion and diversity of opportunities for organ playing in the region. It includes a series of concerts that take place in different religious buildings in the municipality of Funchal, namely in the Sé Cathedral, the Colégio Church and the São Pedro Church, with an array of recitals played by acclaimed national and international master organ players.
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