Madeira Flower Festival 2013

Madeira Flower Festival 2013 – 9th to15th May

Madeira Flower Festival, that takes place every year in the spring.

Children’s Parade (Wall of Hope Ceremony) – The magic of this event starts on Saturday morning, with the Children’s Parade, on which, hundreds of children dressed for the occasion dishallow to the Municipio Square where, a beautiful flower mural is built, symbolically named “the Wall of Hope” (Muro da Esperança).

On Sunday afternoon, the streets of downtown Funchal will be filled with music, colour and soft aromas, through the sumptuous parade comprised by several floats, which harmoniously combine numerous flower species with blooming decorations full of creativity.

Flower Festival History

The Flower Festival had its origins in the Rose Cotillion, which comprised an exhibition / competition of flowers that took place in 1954, at Ateneu Comercial do Funchal. The success of the happening was so huge, that, in the following years this event had a change of name to Flower Festival.

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From 1979 onwards, with the purpose of adding value to the exhibition from Ateneu Comercial and give a new impetus to the regional tourism entertainment calendar, the Madeira Tourism Board begins to comprise in the festival calendar the other street manifestations, namely the wall of hope ceremony, the flower parade, the floral competitions – shop window and blooming gardens – and musical displays.