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Gastronomic Weekend at Casa Velha do Palheiro25 and 26 October 2013

Casa Velha do Palheiro will be hosting its Gastronomic weekend on the 25th and 26th of October.
The guest chef this year will be Vítor Matos who is the Executive chef at the Casa da Calçada situated in the Douro Valley.

Vítor Matos trained in Switzerland before returning to his homeland in 1995.  He has since worked in many of Portugal’s top restaurants before becoming executive chef in one of Portugal’s most iconic restaurants – the Relais and Chateaux ‘Casa da Calçada’ which has held a Michelin star since 2010.
Chef Vítor describes his style of cuisine as “a set of influences and memories, with special attention given to the quality of the products (he always tries to incorporate regional products), the sensory experience based on the five senses, and finally the techniques and technology to create evolutionary, cultural and modern cuisine.”
Joining him will be the head chefs at Casa Velha do Palheiro – Madeira born Chef Francisco Quintal and French Chef Eric Weidmann – who will be using their vast experience of Casa Velha haute cuisine whilst showcasing all the gastronomic delights the region has to offer. Especially chosen Portuguese and Madeira wines from the Blandy Wine vaults will complement this Autumnal menu.
Visitors to Madeira and Casa Velha do Palheiro are invited to make reservations for dinner at their earliest convenience to avoid disappointment.

Price will be €75 euros per person including all wines.

If you’d like more information about this topic, please contact:
Cátia Afonso – Casa Velha do Palheiro
T. +351 291 790 350   |   F. +351 291 794 925   |


Gastronomic Weekend Package at Casa Velha do Palheiro

3 nights accommodation including breakfast
Return airport transfers
Welcome gift upon arrival
Upgrade to a Golf Wing room (subject to availability upon arrival)
Gastronomic dinner at Casa Velha dining room
Free access to Palheiro Gardens
Free access to Palheiro Spa wet areas

From 25th to 29th October 2013  –   € 395,00 per person in double room

For bookings and further information please contact:
Casa Velha do Palheiro
T. +351 291 790 350   |   F. +351 291 794 925   |


Madeira Wine Festival Official Programme 2013

September, 01st to 04th
Municipal Garden Auditorium – Funchal
9pm – 11pm – X European Folklore Week with the participation of Portuguese and Russian folk dancing groups – Project by the Boa Nova Ethnographic and Folk Group

September, 01st to 08th
6pm – 11pm – Bago de Uva (Grape Seed) – a project by the Geringonça Entertainment Association – “living pictures” and display of regional products – Municipal Garden

September, 05th to 08th
Central squares of Avenida Arriaga (from the Cathedral to São Francisco Street) and Largo da Restauração
Ethnographic exhibitions, “living pictures”, regional gastronomy and diverse entertainments:
– “On the Madeira Wine Route” – Project by José Manuel Freitas
– “Art and Grapes” – Project by Isabel Borges
– “The Colours and the Sound of Wine” – Project by João Egídio Rodrigues
– “Madeira Wine and Gastronomy” – Project by the Madeira Professional School of Hotel and Tourism (EPHTM)
– “Music Shows” – Project by Madeira Light Orchestra
Presence of Madeira liqueur and table wine producers with exhibition and tasting of wine and other regional product, organised by the Madeira Institute of Wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts (IVBAM) – Central squares of
Avenida Arriaga, in front of the Regional Secretariat for Culture, Tourism and Transports (4pm – midnight)

September, 05th – Thursday
4:30pm – 9:30pm – Performances in downtown by the Camacha Cultural and Recreational Association
5pm – 6pm – Project “Vinho Madeira e Gastronomia” (Madeira Wine and Gastronomy) – Show cooking with tasting sessions by the EPHTM -Largo da Restauração (Restoration Square)
8:30pm – 11:30pm – Performances by the group Xarabanda and Cantares da Madeira -Largo da Restauração

September, 06th – Friday
4:30 pm – 9:30 pm – Performances in downtown by the Camacha Cultural and Recreational Association
5pm – 6pm – Project “Vinho Madeira e Gastronomia” (Madeira Wine and Gastronomy) – Show cooking with tasting sessions by the EPHTM – Largo da Restauração
8pm – São Vicente Municipality Winegrowers’ Dinner
9:30pm – 12pm – Performances by traditional Madeira music groups and the Madeira Light Orchestra – Largoda Restauração

September, 07th – Saturday
10am – Live Harvesting in Estreito de Câmara de Lobos
Grape picking at Quinta da Pinheira followed by an ethnographic float parade with the following itinerary:
Rua António Vitorino Castro Jorge, Rua Capitão Armando Pinto Correia, Rua do Damasqueiro, Rua Cónego
Agostinho Figueira Faria, Rua da Igreja and Rua João Augusto de Ornelas, where the grape treading will
take place with music entertainment and regional gastronomy – Project by the Estreito de Câmara de Lobos
Recreational and Cultural Association (ACRE)
11:30am – 4:30pm – Performances in downtown by the Gaula People’s House Folk Group
4:30pm – 9:30pm – Performances in the downtown by the MonteVerde Folk Group
5pm – 6pm – Project “Vinho Madeira e Gastronomia” (Madeira Wine and Gastronomy) – Show cooking with
tasting sessions by the EPHTM – Largo da Restauração
9:30pm – 12am – Performances by traditional Madeira music groups and the Madeira Light Orchestra – Largo da Restauração

September, 08th – Sunday
3pm – 8pm – Performances in downtown by the Santa Cruz People’s House Folk Group
4pm – 5pm -Project “Vinho Madeira e Gastronomia” (Madeira Wine and Gastronomy) – Show cooking with
tasting sessions by the EPHTM – Largo da Restauração
5pm –8pm – Madeira Wine Cocktails Festival organised by the Madeira Barmen Association Central
Squares of Avenida Arriaga, next to the Cathedral
9:30pm – Midnight – Performances by traditional Madeira music groups and the Madeira Light Orchestra – Largo da Restauração


Summer Water Jump – Paul do Mar
August 17th

The small town of Paul do Mar, in the western municipality of Calheta, will be the stage for this initiative organised by MADproductions in partnership with Freeride Madeira.

This acrobatic water jumping competition is a real test for the athletic capacities of each contestant in the four categories: “Summer Water Jump King”, “Best Trick”, “Big Air Jump” e “Best Crash”.
Sign up now and take part in this adventure!

Find out more at:

Madeira Wine Festival


Madeira Wine Festival
From September 1st to 8th

Part of the annual tourist entertainment calendar, the Madeira Wine Festival is celebrated every year by the time of the grape harvest in tribute to century-old precepts of the vine arts that hark back to the time when the island was first inhabited.
This festivity is intensely experienced in the parish of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, a place where locals and visitors take part actively in this ethnographic ritual full of lively entertainment (grape harvesting parties, floats with grape pickers, the re-enactments of regional customs and ways, etc.).

On the other hand, various allegorical events are held in downtown Funchal in a party atmosphere where music and regional gastronomy are also part of the show.
Come and discover a little bit of this archipelago’s history and treat yourself to this nectar of the gods!

For further information visit the website


Festival de Arte Camachense
9 a 13 de agosto

A típica freguesia da Camacha acolhe a 25.ª edição do Festival de Arte Camachense, designado por “Art Camacha 2013”, um festival inteiramente dedicado às tradições locais.

Organizado pela Casa do Povo da Camacha, esta edição propõe uma grande variedade de atividades culturais, artesanais e musicais, contando com a participação de diversas grupos folclóricos regionais, nacionais e internacionais.
Quanto às atividades artesanais, além das exposições temáticas de vimes e de bordados no edifício da Casa do Povo da Camacha, será organizada uma Feira de Artesanato e um Atelier de Bordado Madeira.
Mais informação em

Kunstfestival ‘Festival de Arte Camachense
Von 9. bis 13. August

Im August findet in der ursprünglichen Gemeinde Camacha ein Kunstfestival „Art Camacha 2013″ statt, das ausschließlich den lokalen Traditionen gewidmet ist.
Die vom Gemeindehaus Camacha organisierte 25. Ausgabe des Festivals bietet ein umfangreiches Programmangebot aus Kultur, Kunsthandwerk und Musik.

Teil der diesjährigen Veranstaltung ist außerdem eine internationale Folkloreschau, an der verschiedene Gruppen aus dem In- und Ausland und der Region teilnehmen.
Das Kunsthandwerk präsentiert sich auf einer eigenen Messe sowie über ein Atelier mit typischen Stickereien der Madeira-Inseln.

Camachense Art Festival
9th to 13th August

In August, the picturesque village of Camacha hosts another Art Festival, entitled “Art Camacha 2013”, a festival wholly devoted to local traditions.
Organised by Camacha Community Centre, the 25th edition of the Festival features a wide variety of cultural, craft and musical activities.

The festival will integrate an international folk dancing gala session that will join local, national and international folk dancing groups.
For those interested in handicrafts, there will also be a Crafts Fair and a Madeiran Embroidery Workshop.

Madeira Wine Open 2013 Regulation


1. Participação: Aberto (quem não é sócio tem que apresentar o certificado de handicap).
2. Data: 2013-09-08 (Domingo).
3. Modalidade de jogo: Four-Ball-Better-Ball 18 buracos. Competição Não Válida para handicap.
4. Equipas de 2 elementos
5. Limite de Handicap: Homens: 28; Senhoras: 36.
6. Máximo de jogadores: 100 (conta a ordem das inscrições).
7. Saídas: Shotgun às 10h15.
8. Tees de saída: Homens – Brancas / Senhoras – Azuis.
9. Inscrições: Podem ser efectuadas no Clube, através do telefone nºs 291790120/291790126, ou
através do E-mail: Inscrições encerram às 18h00 do dia
10. Green-fee para não-sócios: € 40
11. Regras: As regras a aplicar são as aprovadas pelo Royal & Ancient Golf Club of Stº Andrews, e as
regras locais do Palheiro Golfe.
12. Empates: Em caso de empate o desempate será feito sucessivamente pelos melhores 9,6,3, e
último buraco, se o empate continuar, será declarado vencedor, o jogador com o handicap mais
13. Prémios: 1º, 2º e 3º lugar equipas + melhor equipa não-sócios ; drive mais longo e bola mais
perto ao buraco para senhores, senhoras e jovens. Entrega de prémios após o almoço (hora
estimada 17h00) Se alguma equipa com prémio a receber não estiver presente na entrega de
prémios, o prémio vai para a equipa seguinte e assim sucessivamente.
14. Anulação e /ou Alteração do Regulamento: Em qualquer altura antes do torneio começar, a
comissão Técnica reserva o direito de completar ou alterar o presente regulamento.
15. Comissão Técnica do Torneio: Humberto Jardim; Maria Stangl ; Patrícia Rodrigues; Edgar
16.Comissão de Handicaps: Pedro Ferreira; Fernanda Cuckney; Roger Smith.

Poster Madeira Wine

Madeira Wine Open 2013

1. Participation: Open (non members have to bring a valid handicap certificate).
2. Date: 2013-09-08 (Sunday).
3. Format: Four-Ball-Better-Ball (Stableford), 18 holes. Non Qualifying Competition.
4. Teams of 2.
5. Handicap Limit: Men: 28; Ladies: 36.
6. Maximum of participants: 100 (according to their entry date)
7. Tee time: Shotgun at 10.15.
8. Tees: Men – White / Ladies – Blue.
9. Entries: in the Clubhouse, or by phone 291790126 / 291790120, or by E-mail: Entry list closes on the 5th September, 2013.
11. Green-fee for non-members: € 40.
12. Rules: the rules are those approved by Royal & Ancient Golf Club of Stº Andrews, plus Palheiro
Golf local rules.
13. Ties: In the event of a tie a count back will be made, best last 9, 6, 3, and last hole, if a tie
continues the lower HCP is the Winner.
14. Prizes: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Team plus “best guest”-team, nearest to the pin and longest drive for men,
ladies and juniors. Prize giving during the lunch (estimated time 17:00). Any team/player winning a
prize has to be present at the prize giving; otherwise the prize goes to the next team/player on the
15. The committee in charge of the competition reserves the right to change or alter these
regulations at any time before a tournament.
16. Tournament Committee: Humberto Jardim, Maria Stangl; Patricia Rodrigues; Edgar Rodrigues.
17. Handicap Committee: Pedro Ferreira; Fernanda Cuckney; Roger Smith.