Occupying the highest point within the Estate, at 540 meters above sea level, Palheiro’s iconic folly, which dates back to the early 1800’s and enjoys stunning views of the bay of Funchal, is now being turned into additional suites for the Casa Velha do Palheiro Hotel, each one reflecting a specific theme.

These new suites measure a massive 80m2 each and boast glass waterbeds featuring Koi Carp, which have been lovingly transplanted from the ponds within the Palheiro Gardens, and their colours used to enhance each theme.

Nini Andrade Silva, world famous interior designer, who was responsible for the interiors says: I have immensely enjoyed the challenge, specially recreating the atmosphere of the wild parties that the 2nd Count of Carvalhal used to host in what is now the Casa Velha de Palheiro Hotel, for which lady guests were encouraged to arrive wearing nothing but their jewellery and high heels! As you can imagine I have focused on warm colours to recreate the sexually charged atmosphere in that specific spacious suite, and only red and black Koi Carp have been re-housed there.

Environmentally friendly fireplaces using only “inferno logs” is another unique first to Madeira, with each individually curated log emanating a different scent from the smoke. Scents are still being finalized and curated by perfumiers from Paris and Milan but we do know that the “Red Shoe Folly Suite” fireplace will be exuding erotic flames and synthetic sexy pheromones in an effort to recreate the louche lifestyle of the 2nd Conde de Carvalhal who so famously lost his fortune gambling and philandering.

On arrival at the Estate, guests for the Folly Suites will be immediately transferred to one of the property’s own horses (choose from Shire or Mustang) to enjoy the Estate’s much loved Nature Trails on the way to their unique accommodation.

Food and Beverage concept: Palheiro Estate will also use the opening of the suites to launch their unique patented cuisine «Palheiro Endorganic» (Patent Pending) whereby the Estate guarantees that all food produced is organically grown within 1km of the suites, and fertilized using the Estate’s horses’ manure and bird guano from the elusive Torcaz pigeon which resides in large numbers within the Estate.

Music: Each suite will have its own style of music curated by Mini Eco. Paulo Lima says: this has been a unique opportunity to work with such an emblematic Madeiran jewel and for Mini Eco to stamp their individual style on each suite. On Fridays and Saturdays each suite will have their own DJ playing different styles of electronica according to the tastes of the guests.

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