February 7th to 18th

During one week the spirit of revelry and the carnival rhythms return to Funchal’s city centre to the sound of marches and philharmonic bands, in a festival that that, every year, guarantees lots of joy and entertainment , The contagious festival atmosphere awakens the carnival spirit among residents and visitors.

These festivities integrate a set of official and popular activities, which are genuinely associated with the island’s traditions, an event inspired under the theme “Madeira – 6 centuries of joy”.

Madeira Carnival festivities is one of Madeira Islands main tourist, which is highlighted on the evening of Saturday, February, 10th, with a magnificent parade of floats an event that involving hundreds of participants in a unique and colourful parade which brings colours and joy to the city centre with music and joy.

On the following Tuesday, February, 13th, the Slapstick Parade takes place. This is a tradicional popular parade, open to all, where humour and social satire are the main ingredients.

All this carnival merriment finds its way into the Praça da Autonomia, an event that culminates with a ceremony in which prizes are given to the most creative participants.

Follow up all to this festive occasion merriment at: www.visitmadeira.ptcarnaval