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Madeira Carnival Festivities 2017


Madeira Carnival Festivities 2017 – February 22nd to March 1st
Entertainment in downtown Funchal – 22nd February to 1st March
Great Allegoric Carnival – 25th February
Parade Slapstick Parade – 28th February

Madeira Carnival festivities offer a variety of activities you can choose from, with the option to enjoy them as a simple spectator or as an active participant.
In Madeira, the Carnival season is experienced in a constant festive atmosphere, both with official initiatives and those of a more spontaneous character, deep-rooted in Madeiran tradition, with joy and cheerfulness prevailing in the streets, establishments and private homes. Find out more about what to expect from Madeira Carnival festivitiesl:

On Saturday night, the colourful and vibrant float parade takes thousands of visitors and residents to the Center of Funchal. This is the main attraction of Madeira Carnival. Over a thousand revellers participate dressed in eye-catching costumes in addition to a dozen exquisitely decorated floats.
The parade is opened with music: the colourful joy and the rhythm of the costumed troupes are contagious. They parade enthusiastically to the sound of selected songs that were choreographed and rehearsed throughout the year, overflowing the public with their joy.

The “Trapalhão” Parade (slapstick parade), held on Shrove Tuesday, represents the spontaneous parade that originally occurred on Rua da Carreira. Participation is open to all, both national and foreign citizens, either independently or as a group. The participants’ creativity knows no boundaries and spans from social and political satire, to traditional themes, or simple character disguise. Whether you watch or participate in this parade, you will undoubtedly be able to share moments of good humour and interact with the public.

Other initiatives that are included on the festivities:

Compadres Feast
The Carnival celebrations begin with “Festa dos Compadres” (Compadres Feast), which takes place in Santana. The nature of this traditional festivity is part of passage from winter to spring ritual and the renewal of the local community.
The action unfolds in a clear antagonism between male and female local residents, well represented through the satirical male and female dolls made by the participants. The feast focuses on the judgement of the “compadre” and the judgement of the “comadre”, during which social criticism is done towards the events and activities of individuals and community institutions that took place over the year.
In the end, both the “compadre” and the “comadre” are burned as punishment. This way, the community feels renewed and social tensions are relieved, prepared to begin a new cycle in spring.

Street Entertainment
On Wednesday, before Shrove Tuesday, downtown Funchal, in particular the central walkway at Avenida Arriaga, is captivated by the magic of Carnival, which becomes the center of numerous street entertainment events, including carnival music, performances and countless events that contribute to rousing the spirit of revelry in tourists and locals.

Carnival “Robberies”
This is a tradition among Madeira natives, the so-called “robberies”, which occur during the period preceding Carnival. These were carried out by disguised groups, who entered into the houses of friends and acquaintances in order to “rob” their season delicacies: the traditional “sonhos” and “malassadas”. These incursions always ended with a private indoor party.
Although this type of gathering still happens, is losing some strength and is being replaced by “arranged robberies”. These are scheduled in advance and now it is the robbers who take the delicacies to the party.

Theme Parties
Nightlife hangout spots also offers various themed nights, during the period preceding Carnival, such as “Hippies Night” and “Travesties Night”, inviting their clients to enjoy themselves disguising with a theme mask.

Children’s Carnival
During this period, children and their parents engage in making masks to take to school. On Friday morning, prior to Carnival, about a thousand young revellers from various schools and kindergartens of Funchal, all in disguise, parade through the city center (Avenida Arriaga), in an atmosphere of Carnival liveliness.

Solidarity Carnival
On Friday afternoon, previous to Carnival, the city center is once again the stage of another highly original and creative entertainment initiative: with contagious energy, hundreds of revellers from “Associação de Desenvolvimento Comunitário do Funchal” parade along Avenida Arriaga towards the Municipal Garden, where a show takes place.

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Exhibits and Entertainment in downtown Funchal 4th to 21st

May The Wall of Hope Ceremony
6th May Great Allegoric Flower Parade
7th May Madeira Auto Parade – Historical Classic Car Parade
14th May Concerts “The Sound Flowers” 21st May

Floral species originating in many parts of the world bloom in Madeira, as the island meets specific climatic conditions that allow species from both tropical and cold regions to flourish.
The Flower Festival is a tribute to spring, and the celebration of metamorphosis and rebirth, fertility and the abundance of the flowers that colour, perfume and inebriate the surrounding environment and that give value and take the good name of this tourist destination across borders. Find out more about what to expect from the Madeira Flower Festival:
On Saturday morning the Children’s Parade takes place, in which hundreds of children, dressed for the occasion, parade to Praça do Município to build a beautiful flower mural symbolically named “Wall of Hope”.
This initiative, which has been held for over three decades, combines childhood innocence and the delicacy of flowers in a ceremony calling for peace in the world. Each child takes a flower and the ceremony usually culminates with a release of doves and a children’s show.
Friday to Sunday
On Sunday afternoon, the streets of Funchal city centre are once again filled with music, colour and soft aromas, with the sumptuous float parade, which harmoniously combines numerous floral species with blooming decorations full of creativity. The Flower Festival Float Parade, held since 1979, is one of the most striking and eagerly anticipated events of the entire festival, for tourists and residents alike. This event is known for the magnificence and splendour of the floats and costumes of the hundreds of participants, mostly children, richly adorned with numerous, varied and magnificent floral species, parading along a planned route to the sound of festive musical themes and performing both simple and elaborate choreographies.The Flower Festival is also a cultural event. Tradition is particularly associated with the event, whether through the performances of folk groups, or through the construction of the beautiful floral carpets. At the same time, homage is paid to flowers at the magnificent Flower Exhibition and the city is animated with music concerts and variety shows.

Other initiatives that are included on the schedule:

Flower Market
The flower market contributes to raise public awareness to the countless ornamental and floral species on the island. Visitors and locals can buy them in a picturesque setting.

Flower Exhibition and Workshops
The Flower Exhibition is held in the centre of Funchal, at Praça do Povo. This exhibition is an extension of the exhibit held at the former Ateneu Comercial of Funchal. This unique flower display shows the finest flowers grown with much care and devotion, all around Madeira. The flowers in display are judged under various categories and the best are awarded prizes by a panel of experts.

In addition the Praça do Povo will also be the centre stage of several workshops and crafts exhibits.

Flower Carpets and Decorations
The abundance of Madeiran flora has greatly contributed to the establishing of this art form. This traditional creation of flower carpets thrives a little bit throughout the island and had its origins in the decoration of religious processions. Due to its undeniable beauty and detail, for the past several years, the flower carpets have been reproduced on the streets for the Flower Festival, establishing alongside the floral sculptures, a major contribution to the magnificence of the city’s decorations, as their careful construction is shared and admired by visiting tourists. These wonderful pieces of floral art are displayed in the central walkways of Avenida Arriaga.Madeira Auto Parade
The “Madeira Auto Parade” is an exclusive event that integrates for the first time the Flower Festival festivities. Organized by the Association “The Classic Motor Exhibition” – ACME and the Clube Carocha da Madeira, this enterprise intends to join both the glamour of classic vehicles and motorcycles, alongside with the flowers of Madeira, incorporating one of the largest exhibitions, and national restoration and elegance contests, an opportunity to admire some of the best vehicles and auto parts, which will be on display at Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro.
The vehicles registered in this parade, will circulate in pairs, an exhibition that will promote moments of pure entertainment, colour and beauty promoted by various musical bands and extras, dressed in costumes inspired by the flowers of Madeira.

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As Christmas draws nearer, Palheiro Estate is celebrating this festive time of year with a trivia-filled Facebook Advent Calendar.From Thursday 1st until the 24th of December, unveil a Palheiro-related question from behind each calendar window and qualify to win one of the fantastic daily prizes. 

What’s more, we’re offering lucky winners the chance to enjoy a three-night stay in both the 5 star Hotel Casa Velha do Palheiro as well as our luxury apartments & villas in Palheiro Village. 

É com muito gosto que anunciamos que, no dia 25 de Setembro, o Palheiro Estate irá acolher a EVA “Era uma Vez no Atlântico” – Festival Internacional de Contos da Madeira. A Ilha da Madeira acolhe pela primeira vez um festival dedicado aos contos, aos contadores e aos escutadores de histórias. Nos dias 23, 24 e 25 de Setembro de 2016 em vários locais, todos eles bonitos, narradores de origens diversas partilham contos para público adulto e familiar.

Sabiam que todas as sessões de contos do EVA são de entrada livre?

EVA encanta com os locais que escolhemos para os contos! Comecemos pelo fim: Domingo dia 25 de Setembro às 17h, sessão de contos para toda a família com todos os narradores fecha em beleza nos Jardins do Palheiro (entrada livre)

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São Vicente Festivities


For a week, the picturesque town of São Vicente, located on the North coast of Madeira, hosts the festivities in tribute to the municipality with the same name.
This initiative, which is already a well-known regional reference, offers an intense program of cultural and social events, in addition to plenty of cuisine and entertainment.

As in previous years, this event will also have the participation of some regional and national bands.
+ Info Turismo da Madeira

Gastronomy Exhibit of Santana



July,22nd to 29th
The municipality of Santana annually promotes the Gastronomy Exhibit, an initiative whose main objective is to contribute to the promotion and appreciation of local cuisine.

This exhibit has a varied programme of events, with the participation of some artists of the regional and national music scene.

Spa Package



Package includes:

  • Accommodation in Double Garden Wing Room
  • Transfers Airport – Hotel upon arrival and departure
  • 30 minute Aroma Facial
  • 30 minute Body Scrub
  • 30 minute Back Wrap
  • 30 minute Back Massage
  • Access to all Palheiro Spa’s facilities which include: Indoor heated hydro pool, Finnish sauna, Turkish steam bath, Experience showers, Relaxation areas, Changing rooms with lockers, bathrobes, and towels.
  • Fitness Room which includes: Power Plate with programs, cardio machines, free weights, stretching mats and exercise balls.
  • Complimentary access to Palheiro Gardens
  • Conservatory where a Snack Bar menu is available

Rodrigo Ulrich é o novo director geral do Palheiro Golf. Com considerável experiência no ramo do golf, o percurso profissional de Ulrich inclui o Alto Golf, o Grupo Pestana e o Boavista Golf. Com profundos conhecimentos especialmente ao nível das vendas e do marketing deste segmento muito específico de um meio que reúne o desporto, o lazer e a restauração, este novo elemento dos quadros do Palheiro Golf sempre adorou a Madeira e foi com grande satisfação que abraçou este novo desafio.

“A qualidade da hotelaria na Madeira é reconhecida mundialmente, é um privilégio poder trabalhar directamente com os melhores” afirma o novo director geral do Palheiro Golf. Segundo o próprio, o principal objectivo é a afirmação da Madeira como um destino de golf por excelência, com óptimos campos capazes de rivalizar com os melhores da Europa. Rodrigo Ulrich acrescenta, ainda, que o Palheiro Golf tem uma equipa excepcional cuja dedicação é muito rara de encontrar e que é uma oportunidade única poder trabalhar no lugar tão especial como é a Madeira.


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  • Greg Snell

    Greg Snell is a canadian Adventure Tour Guide, traveller, who won Tourism Australia’s “Best Jobs in the World” competition,
    Greg has been featured on Global Television in Toronto, Huffington Post Canada, the Toronto Star, CTV, Air Canada’s en Route Magazine.
    He is known by their visual storytelling, and for their award winning photography.
    He explored Australia in 2014, documenting this life changing experience and starting his own business in destination marketing.

    Greg Snell is now in Madeira, staying at Palheiro Village and taking wonderful photos from our beautiful island.

    photo by Greg Snell

    For more information visit:

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  • Na 5ª edição do Madeira Film Festival – uma celebração da natureza através do poder dos filmes. O Madeira Film Festival apresenta películas criativas reconhecidas internacionalmente, profundamente perturbadoras, metafísicas e que desafiam o modo de pensar. Este ano propomos mais uma experiência cinemática inspiradora, com cineastas e filmes de todo o mundo.

    O programa para esta semana é o que se segue:

    25 DE ABRIL A 1 DE MAIO DE 2016

    Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 16.08.44


    Locais: Belmond Reid’s Palace Hotel e Teatro Municipal

    Funchal / Madeira

    Os filmes terão o preço de 3,00 euros por sessão e poderão ser adquiridos na bilheteira do Teatro Municipal. Todos os filmes são legendados em português. A selecção official para 2016, poderá ser consultada no website do festival http://www.madeirafilmfestival.coma partir do mês de Março.


    Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 16.12.14

    Se está na ilha da Madeira em férias durante esta semana ou vive na ilha e gostaria de se juntar aos convidados do MFF nesta iniciativa, verifique a melhor forma de estar no Fanal pelas 16:00. Lembre-se de levar a sua máquina fotográfica ou de filmar, iphone ou telemóvel, pois será uma tarde inesquecível num local mágico e visualmente impressionante.pelas 14:30 o MFF dá as boas-vindas aos realizadores e convidados desta 5ª edição, com a oferta de uma excursão à floresta Laurissilva, património mundial da humanidade reconhecido pela UNESCO. O ponto de encontro será na entrada do hotel Belmond Reid´s Palace, onde estará o autocarro da RC Transportes que irá fazer o transporte de todos os convidados até à Floresta do Fanal.

    Ao final do dia, pelas 19:00, terá inicio o “Filmmaker Meet & Greet Sunset Buffet” no hotel parceiro Meliã Madeira Mare onde todos os realizadores, músicos, membros da imprensa patrocinadores e convidados do festival poderão conhecer-se e conviver. Para quem não possui convite, este jantar encontro tem o valor de 20,00 euros.


    Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 16.12.04

    Pelas 14:00 teremos a primeira exibição do festival com uma sessão de curtas-metragens com a presença dos realizadores. A abertura oficial da 5ª edição do Madeira Film Festival terá inicio pelas 18:30, com um cocktail de Vinho Madeira no Belmond Reid´s Palace hotel, o hotel oficial do festival,

    Todos os realizadores, músicos, patrocinadores e convidados do festival receberão um convite para este evento. Mais tarde, os mesmos serão transportados em carros clássicos para o Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias onde poderão assistir, pelas 21:00, ao filme de abertura, com a presença do realizador.


    Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 16.11.54

    O secretariado do festival que estará no atrium do Teatro Municipal terá passes do festival à venda por 40,00 euros. O passe inclui:o Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias, continuará a exibir os filmes da Selecção Oficial de 2016 do Madeira Film Festival, com 4 sessões diárias, pelas 14:00, 16:00, 18:30 e 21:00.

    Livre-trânsito para todos os filmes / 1 workshop no valor de 20,00 euros e um convite para o cocktail de abertura na Terça-Feira no Belmond Reid’s Palace Hotel.

    Balancing Originality with Influence Quentin Tarantino

    Nature Trails at Palheiro Estate

    Potenciar a marca Madeira

    Endemic Species of the Laurissilva Forest


    Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 16.11.46

    Pelas 21:00 no Belmond Reid?s Palace Hotel, poderá assistir ao concerto com a violino americana Andrea Levine e ao desfile de moda do estilista Hugo Santos com uma colecção de bordado Madeira desenhada para este evento. Os bilhetes para esta noite custam 20,00 euros e poderão ser adquiridos na recepção do Belmond Reid´s Palace.


    Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 16.11.36

    Será uma noite a não perder. O jantar de gala da 5ª edição do Madeira Film Festival no Belmond Reid?s Palace Hotel, é um evento especial de convívio com realizadores, músicos, membros da indústria e uma oportunidade única para assistir ao concerto da harpista escocesa Phamie Gow. As nomeações dos Embaixadores da Floresta Laurissilva serão ainda atribuídas esta noite. Os bilhetes custam 65,00 euros e podem ser adquiridos na recepção do Belmond Reid´s Palace.


    O festival oferece ainda painéis de discussão com Vinho Madeira, todas as tardes pelas 17:00, de quarta-feira a sábado no exterior do Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias. Serão eventos de convívio e networking, com a bebida official do festival – o Vinho Madeira numa apoio do IVBAM

    Para mais informações, dirija-se aos voluntários do festival no secretariado do MFF, que estará no atrium do Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias durante a semana do festival.

    Prepare-se para uma semana de filmes, natureza e vinho, com pessoas criativas e de talento que se deslocam à Madeira de todas as partes do mundo, para participar na 5ª edição do Madeira Film Festival…

    Para mais informações contacte a equipa do festival:

    Elsa Gouveia | Board of Directors | Workshops & Seminar

    Isabel Dantas | Festival Producer | International Liaison


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