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Machico hosts the 9th edition of the 16th-century Market, an event that evokes the historical period of the discovery of the island, which has gained a prominent cultural status.

Organized by the Municipal Council of Machico and in partnership with the Elementary and Secondary Schools of Machico, this initiative takes place in Machico´s downtown at Largo da Praça, in Alameda Dr. José António de Almada, and oers a number of cultural and musical activities.

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Funchal hosts the 35th edition the Madeira Music Festival, an event that takes place in some of the most prestigious and notable places in the city of Funchal, namely in the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre, in the as well as in the Casa das Mudas Art Centre in Calheta.

This cultural initiative is integrated in the celebrations of the Atlantic Festival program and includes a series of high-quality musical performances by Portuguese and international artists, including the ballet dance company “Quorum Ballet” (Portugal), the group “La Venexiana and Claudio Cavina”(Italy), the Vocal Ensemble “Amarcord” (Germany) and the band “La Petite Bande” (Belgium), among others.


Madeira Classical Orchestra
Friday 6 June, 9.30 p.m.
Baltazar Dias City Theatre

Saturday 7 June, 6.00 p.m.
Baltazar Dias City Theatre

FreeMix Quintet
Sunday 8 June, 6.00 p.m.
Baltazar Dias City Theatre

Flanders Festival Trio
Monday 9 June, 9.30 p.m.
Baltazar Dias City Theatre

Luísa Tender
Tuesday 10 June, 9.30 p.m.
Baltazar Dias City Theatre

La Petite Bande
Thursday 12 June 12, 9.30 p.m.
Baltazar Dias City Theatre

La Venexiana and Claudio Cavina
Friday 13 June, 9.30 p.m.
Baltazar Dias City Theatre

Quorum Ballet
Saturday 14 June, 5.00 p.m.
Sunday, 15 June, 5.00 p.m.
Sunday 15 June 15, 11.00 a.m.
Casa das Mudas Arts Center – Calheta

For more information on the event check here:

Information: Madeira Tourism

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The Atlantic Festival, an event that marks the beginning of the summer season in Madeira, will this year integrate a diverse set of initiatives spread throughout the month of June, most importantly the pyromusical shows; the Madeira Music Festival and the Regional Arts Week.

The pyromusical shows will be held on four consecutive Saturdays of the month of June, at 10:30pm at the pier outside the Pontinha, with wonderful and exciting performances, lasting about 20 minutes each, which combine fireworks and music in a unique experience for tourists and residents.
The four pyromusical shows will place in competition companies that will dispute a trophy attributed by public vote through internet, and tombola’s located in strategic venues of Funchal city centre (City Pier – day of the show, Dolce Vita, Marina Shopping, Madeira Tourism Board).

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Férias no Golfe – Palheiro Golf

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O Palheiro Golf organiza a edição de 2014 das Férias no Golfe e as inscrições encontram-se abertas.

Duas semanas, de 2ª a 6ª nos dias úteis das 9h00 às 13h00
Início: 30 Junho 2014
Término: 5 de Setembro 2014

1 – 30/06 a 11/07
2 – 14/07 a 25/07
3 – 28/07 a 08/08
4 – 11/08 a 22/08
5 – 25/08 a 05/09
Torneio de Encerramento a 5 de Setembro

Período de 15 dias: 55€
Período de uma semana, 32€ (sujeito a disponibilidade)
Seguro por quinzena: 5€
O período mínimo é de uma semana, independentemente da frequência da criança.

Se deseja que o seu educando almoce no Clubhouse, depois das actividades, poderá comprar directamente no restaurante uma semana de almoços. Preço: 35€ por semana (5 dias consecutivos). O almoço não faz parte das Actividades.

Horário – cumprimento
As actividades terminam às 13h00, pelo que agradecemos que os pais estejam presentes a essa hora, para receber os seus filhos. Damos uma tolerância de 10 minutos, para eventuais imprevistos. Contudo, se o monitor da actividade tiver que permanecer depois das 13h10, para não deixar uma criança sozinha, será cobrado €10 ao respectivo encarregado de educação.

Número de alunos máximo por turma: 14

Idade mínima: 6 anos
Idade máxima: 15 anos.

Para a Inscrição:
Preenchimento de uma ficha de inscrição (fornecida pelo PG)
Apresentação do Bilhete de Identidade (sem o BI não pode haver inscrição)

Se a inscrição for no dia do início da actividade, a criança não pode começar a frequentar/participar sem primeiro haver confirmação da colocação do seguro, pelo que convém fazer a inscrição antes do 1º dia de frequência.

Para mais informações contacte-nos através e-mail ou através do 291 790 120.


The 2014 edition of the Madeira Flower Festival takes place between the 1st and 7th May in Funchal, with different activities involved.


Theme: “Mother, a world of flowers for you”

May 1st to 7th
Flower Carpets – Central walkways of Avenida Arriaga and Largo do Chafariz
Flower Market depicting “Charolas“ celebration – Central walkways of Avenida Arriaga, between the Cathedral and the Regional Secretariat
for Culture, Tourism and Transports
The Kingdom of Flowers – Young women dressed in costumes depicting flowers pageant in the central walkways of Avenida Arriaga
(until May, 4th )
59th Flower Exhibition at Largo da Restauração – Organised by the Regional Secretariat for Environment and Natural Resources
“Madeira Embroidery inspired by Flowers” – Organised by the Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts Institute (IVBAM) – Central
walkway of Avenida Arriaga, in front of Loja do Cidadão
“World Flowers Photos” – Photography exhibition by Carlos Capelão – Espaço Infoarte at the Regional Secretariat for Culture, Tourism and

Thursday, 1st May
Official opening of the Flower Festival
3pm – 8pm – Performances by the Casa do Povo da Camacha Folk Group in Funchal city centre
5pm – 6pm – “Flowers and Gastronomy” Project – Themed workshop: Black scabbard fish and traditional pork in a wine and garlic marinade:
history and confection – Largo do Chafariz
Friday, May 2nd
10am – Noon – “Flowers and Gastronomy” Project – Themed workshop: Honey Cake: history and confection – Largo do Chafariz
10am – 3pm – Performances by the Monteverde Folk Group in Funchal city centre
10.30am – 2pm – Demonstrations of flower arranging by Madeira Flower Club (NAFAS) – exhibition until May 6th, from 10am to 4pm – at
Funchal’s English Church
3pm – 8pm – Performances by the Boa Nova Ethnography and Folk Group in Funchal city centre

Saturday, May 3rd
Children’s Parade and Wall of Hope Ceremony:
9am – Children gathering at Avenida Arriaga, in front of the Municipal Garden
10am – Children’s Parade – Itinerary: Avenida Arriaga, Avenida Zarco, Rua Câmara Pestana and Praça do Município
11am – Symbolic construction of the Wall of Hope at Praça do Município – Release of doves and a show for children by an entertainment
10am – Noon – “Flowers and Gastronomy” Project – Themed workshop: Regional Fruit and Vegetables – An orchard in the Atlantic – Largo do
3pm – 8pm – Performances by the Casa do Povo da Camacha Folk Group in Funchal city centre

Sunday, May 4th
10am – Noon – “Flowers and Gastronomy” Project – Carving show: decorations with floral elements – Largo do Chafariz
10am – 3pm – Folklore Performances by the Camacha Recreational and Cultural Association in Funchal city centre
4pm – Flower Festival Parade
Order and theme of the groups participating in the Float Parade
-“30 Years in Bloom” – João Egídio Rodrigues
– “The Magic Forest” – Sorrisos de Fantasia
– “Mother…Six Letters” (Mãe… Três Letras) – Isabel Borges
– “Carpet of flowers for all the mothers in the world” – Samba Caneca Furada School
– “Mother, an Orchid for you” – Geringonça Entertainment Association
– “For you, Mother…” – Fábrica de Sonhos
– “ Mother´s Tribute” – Turma do Funil
– “The Smile of Flowers” – Fura Samba Association
– “Madeira, Mother and May” – Bairro da Argentina Sports, Cultural and Recreational Association
Itinerary: Starting point at Funchal’s Harbour roundabout, Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro, Francisco Sá Carneiro roundabout, Avenida do Mar e
das Comunidades Madeirenses (south lane) to Praça da Autonomia

Monday, May 5th
10am – 3pm – Folklore Performances by the Camacha Recreational and Cultural Association in Funchal city centre
3pm – 8pm – Performances by the Boa Nova Ethnography and Folk Group in Funchal city centre

Tuesday, May 6th
2pm – 7pm – Performances by the Monteverde Folk Group in Funchal city centre

Wednesday, May 7th
11am – 4pm – Folklore Performances by the Camacha Cultural and Recreational Association Group in Funchal city centre

May, 10th and 11th
III Reid’s Palace Classic Auto Show 2014

Information: Madeira Tourism


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Palheiro Estate is a proud sponsor of the Madeira Film Festival that will take place from the 21st to 27th of April 2014. As sponsors we have free tickets to give away to our loyalty card holders. If you are interested please send us an email via the link below and after receiving confirmation, you may pick up your tickets from the Palheiro Golf reception (tickets are limited to 2 per person).

The Madeira Film Festival, which is now in its 3rd year has proven to be one of the highlights of Madeira’s cultural calendar. This year’s edition really does have something for everyone, from its wide variety of short and feature films to writing and acting workshops, Scottish Ceilidh dancing, a fashion show and a special musical performance by Nashville-based band Escondido. So don’t miss this opportunity to grab your free tickets for this spectacular event.


This giveaway is limited to 2 tickets per person and you must be a Palheiro Estate Loyalty card holder to be eligible.
Offer valid until the 25th of April 2014.


The 2014 edition of the Madeira Ultra Trail takes place between 10 and 13th April 2014 and the registration period ends on the 28th February 2014.

Another edition of the Madeira Ultra Trail competition will take place in April. This is a demanding sporting event that has been gaining more and more followers.
The 2013 edition had close to 450 athletes from a total of 18 different nationalities, who challenged the island peaks surrounded by breath taking landscapes.

On this sixth edition, the participants will, once again, attempt to complete the 116 kilometer course in the shortest possible time, running along the highest peaks of the island. Besides the main course, the MIUT includes three other individual races covering a correspondingly distance of 85, 42 and 20 kilometres.

Choose your race and register on the official event website:


Information by Madeira Tourism –

festa dos compadres

The ‘Festa dos Compadres’ marks the opening of the Carnival season in Madeira, a tradition going back to more than 50 years, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Santana.”

For more information:



II Festival of Wine, Embroidery & Handicrafts in Madeira
21st to 23rd of February

The second edition of this festival aims to offer visitors a unique experience. Visitors will be able to come into contact with several traditional products in a context of authenticity, attesting to its qualities and singularity of products from Madeira.

The festival will be held at the facilities of the Madeira Institute of Wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts (IVBAM), located in Rua 5 de Outubro, where a set of activities will take place, among which there will be wine tastings events, with table wine and Madeira wine with chocolate, Handicrafts Workshops, Show-cooking, live handicrafts, an Exhibition of Madeira Embroidery and a Handicraft Workshop for children.

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We are delighted to offer our guests the possibility of swimming in the nearby Marine Reserve of the Lido Galomar Beach in Canico De Baixo.

This sheltered bay with its crystal clear water and unique lava finger rock has been recognized as one of the best diving and snorkelling spots in Madeira Island. During the year, there are frequent visit of a friendly monk seal, a protected species in Madeira’s Marine Reserves.

With year-round water temperatures between 18 and 25 degrees it is always swimming season under the watchful eyes of the lifeguards.

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